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Acoustic Jam

Every few weeks – check the 
| Schedule |   for the next date.  

See the map for the location and directions.  Call 520 266 0697 for more information

Come to Play or Listen.  The legendary Arthritis Brothers will host.   You will be encouraged to take a turn with your favorite tunes.  We prefer old tunes, but realize that all tunes were once new.  Bring the tunes you like!

In keeping with our new tradition we will have a light meal around 5:00 PM.  Perhaps, more tunes will break out after the food!

Good items  to bring  
Acoustic instruments.  
Your ears.
You may want a recorder for when someone plays a really cool tune.
You friends who may be interested in the music.

Things to leave home
Electrical things; those are appliances, not instruments!  If you can't be heard someone is too loud!

No indoor smoking, no alcohol or drugs

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